WiN: What is nonfiction?

What is nonfiction? is a signature project that celebrates everything about nonfiction. It explores that ‘thing without a name of its own’, as Australian writer Helen Garner calls it: nonfiction. What does it mean to co-join the two parts, the non and fiction? Is it, as John D’Agata would have it ‘a conditional state of being, and one that is essentially a negation of genre’? Or is it like a piece of sculpture, as Joan Didion argues: ‘a matter of shaping the research into a finished thing’?

Does it let you believe? Is it a rejection of seamlessness? Is it where there is something sticky or odd? How do you nonfiction (as a verb)?

These short ‘podvids’ explore this question.

Project designed and curated by Francesca Rendle-Short and Adrian Miles.