non/fictionLab is a world-leading centre for new creative practices. Our research ecology includes essayists, poets, novelists, media-makers, photographers, editors, publishers, and literary and cultural studies scholars.

non/fictionLab exists to explore and articulate the value of new creative work as a playful vessel for the imagination, a thinking through making that can show us who we are and how we are implicated in the lives of others.

non/fictionLab builds and supports laboratories of practice around matters of social, political, cultural and environmental concern. We work in partnership with fellow scholars, writers and artists, and with industries and communities, local and international.

non/fictionLab brings together critical practitioners in creative arts, design and humanities, and provides support for emerging researchers and a growing community of research students. The Lab fosters collaborative research projects in partnership with fellow scholars and artists, and with industries and communities, local and international.

non/fictionLab works with many national and international industry and university partners including Melbourne Writers Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Concordia University, Copyright Agency,University of Iowa, Yale-NUS, Northern Arizona University, Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Organisation, and Contemporary Women’s Writing Association.



The nonfictionLab is a mix of researchers, students, and visiting scholars from a diverse range of disicplines and practices. It includes….[more]


Research in the lab is premised on erasing the distance between making and theorising. Essays, documentaries, interactive works, nonfiction poetry, memoir, radio documentary. These are just some of the things we make, theorise with and about in … [more]


The lab is made up of five intersecting zones of research, each strutured as a semi-independent node. These include documentary, essay, nonfiction poetry, journalism/reportage, and publishing, curation and archives…[more]